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The Path of a Panther

The Path of a Panther - Kyle Parkinson

  Our featured 2000 graduate Kyle Parkinson graciously credited Mrs. Meyer and the Yellville-Summit journalism department with instilling in him a love of writing and reporting.That love led Kyle to procure a journalism degree at the University of Arkansas. In Fayetteville, he wrote for the college paper and worked for the on-campus television station. Family visits to Yellville remind him of how much he misses the worry-free life that he enjoyed as a high school student with Mom and Dad taking caring of everything. Football or baseball practice was the biggest worry that he had to endure. Now, Kyle and his wife Devyn live in Nashville, Tennessee, with twin girls, Ava and Elly who are seven-years-old, and Wiley, their three-year-old brother. Kyle serves as the Director of Baseball Communications at Vanderbilt University. He manages all of Commodore baseball’s media and branding efforts as well as the school’s website and team’s statistics. Great things are happening for Kyle and his family, and Panthers should be proud it all started right here. Kyle professed that “while the best things in life often come after high school, Yellville-Summit is where I got my foundation. It set me up for the best parts of life.”                                                                      Kyle Parkinson and family                 Kyle Parkinson Senior Photo

                              Kyle Parkinson       Kyle Parkinson and others