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The Yellville-Summit school district is committed to meeting the educational needs of all students. One way student needs are met is through our Gifted and Talented Program. Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade students are served through Whole Group Enrichment, where the GT Coordinator visits the classroom weekly and provides a 30-minute lesson. Identified students in grades 3-6 are served through a pull-out program that meets 150 minutes per week. These students have the opportunity to explore their own interests through in-depth projects, group work, and self-guided learning. They also have the opportunity for competition through Quiz Bowl and Chess tournaments. Identified students in grades 7-12 are served through differentiation in their secondary content classes, honors courses, acceleration in our math department, and the opportunity to take concurrent credit college courses or Advanced Placement courses.

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Wednesday, December 6, is an early release day. Yellville-Summit Schools will dismiss at 1:30 PM.
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