State Required Information

Administrator Salary Schedule
2023-2024 Personnel Policy Committee Minutes
Admin and Teacher Salary and Benefit Expenditure Data
Annual Budget
Annual Report to the Public
Annual School Statistical Report
Assessment Overview
Attendance Policy
Bullying and Cyberbullying Policy
Bus Drivers - Classified Salary Schedules
Certified Additional Duty Schedules
Certified Salary Schedules
Child Nutrition
Classified Employees - Salary Schedules
Classified Personnel Policies
Classified RIF Policy
Comprehensive School Counseling Plan
Contract Information for Employees
Discipline Policies
District Community Update
District Fiscal Policies
District Policies & Student Handbook
District Support Plan
Dyslexia Reporting
Elementary Parent and Family Engagement Plan July 2020
Elementary Parent and Family Engagement Plan July 2020
Elementary Parental Involvement Activities
Equity Plan
Family and Community Engagement Plans
Food Service - Classified Salary Schedules
Health and Wellness
Middle School Parental Involvement Activities
High School Parent and Family Engagement Plan July 2020
High School Parent and Family Engagement Plan July 2020
High School Parental Involvement Activities
Homeless Policy
Licensed Personnel Policies
Licensed RIF Policy
Local and State Revenue Sources
Maintenance - Classified Salary Schedules
Monthly Expenses 2018-2019
Monthly Expenses 2019-2020
Monthly Expenses 2020-2021
Monthly Expenses 2021-2022
Monthly Expenses 2022-2023
Nondiscrimination Statement
Teacher and Administrator Recruitment and Retention Plan
Yellville-Summit School Board Meeting Dates 2020-2021
School Board Minutes 2018
School Board Minutes 2019
School Board Minutes 2020
School Board Minutes 2021
School Board Minutes 2022
School Board Minutes 2023
School Board Minutes 2024
School Board of Directors Policies
School Board Meeting Dates
School Calendar
School District Balances
School Improvement Plans
School Performance Reports
Selection, Relocation, Retention and Challenging of Materials
State Required Information
Teacher Qualifications
The American Rescue Plan Budget
Volunteer Handbook
Waivers Granted
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